Rome – Basilica Santa Cecilia

basilica gate

On a Sunday in January, I went to visit the Basilica of Santa Cecilia with a group of photography enthusiasts; they are from the Facebook group called “Uscite Fotografiche a Roma (UFR)”.

It was a cold day, but the location for the event was interesting and it seemed a good time to participate.

I chose black and white for the exterior scenes to make the best of this, cold and gray, winter day.

In the next pictures the garden and a detail of the fountain.

The interior, however, was welcoming, and, after one hour freezing outside, it was much more pleasant.

The only pity is that the church altar was under repair. I took the opportunity to take some pictures of the crypt, but I will definitely return.

The crypt is composed of bare rooms, at the beginning, with some old objects found in the past restorations. In the inner part, however, the mosaics and the rest of the decorations have been preserved (and probably restored) in an exceptional way.

I thank the group for the enjoyable afternoon. See you next time! 🙂