What’s new in Swift 3

I’m reading a lot about the changes in Swift 3.

It’s really enjoyable programming in Swift and I can see that it’s improving every year. As some of you know, the language will be very different from 2.2, so we need to rewrite a lot of code to be compliant with the new version. It’s a lot about readability. For this reason I sincerely will be happy to refactor my code in the new way. Let’s have a peek.

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In Jordan for 2 months

I’ll stay in Jordan two months. So if you want to contact me, you can use email or WhatsApp.

Hoping for a good connection, I should be reachable very soon, starting from 25 of February.

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Pictures and Travel Blog is up!

Just uploaded the new blog!

The purpose of the blog is to share pictures with my friends and family. I also made a Facebook page for the blog.

You can click on the menu item in this blog, follow this link or visit the Facebook Page.
Feel free to leave comments on the pages. Thanks!

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